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Electronic work shop

Electronic work shop : Independent design, development and production for led driver , from raw materials to production control product quality .

2 wave soldering production lines, ensure that each welding is firm and reliable

Laser printing machine : Advanced Laser printing machine, DIY your products with logo and information .

SMT workshop

SMT department: containing 5 products lines with samsung SMT machines and reflow ovens, is a dust -free workshop with constant temperature and humidity protection  , the work shop is equipped with anti-satic equipment to protect products .

SMT warehouse : SMT warehouse with constant temperature and humidity protection 

Packaging workshop

Package workshop : Each prodcut needs to undergo a visual inspection ,lighting inspection, mask cleaning ,then packaged into the box,as far as possible to make each product we send to customers is perfect. 

Assembly Workshop

Aging line  : With advanced aging equipment ,to ensure the aging time of each product can reach 8 hours .

Assembly department :in the whole production line ,every workers will follow the ESOP system process, to ensure the good quality of the products .